About The Book

Although my inspiration for writing Rasta Claus came from
The Christmas industry and specifically from my
Girlfriends Christmas prop rental business
And the lack of black representation,
Rasta Claus became a character
For the winterfest season representing
All of the wonderful life around the world.

I wrote this poem over a two-week period in 1998
Half of it one day and the other half two weeks later.
It was as if the poem wrote itself
And I was the catalyst for the words,
Almost as if it were handed down from the Universe
And I was there to receive it.

After being encouraged to do something with this poem,
A few years ago, I decided to turn it into o a book.
I was fortunate enough to have a wonderful person
In my life that helped me to finance
Having the book illustrated. And now,
Rasta Claus is ready for you to enjoy.