About Me

Born and bred in Hollywood
Graduated from Washington High School in 1961
Graduated from Long Beach State College in 1965 in Marketing

I worked in the corporate world for 15 years after graduating
From college and discovered it was not my thing.
For my day job, I am a custom picture framer.
My husband and I have owned a shop in Los Angeles
For 28 years where we customize in handmade hardwood frames.
We also make fun house mirrors, which we ship, all over the country.
And that my friends pretty much sums up my working career.

In the early 1980’s I discovered I had a knack for writing
When I wrote a poem for my Christmas card.
Who would have thought that I could write? Certainly not me!
I was encouraged to continue writing by my friends
And I have done so off and on ever since.

Writing gave me a voice and boosted my confidence. I found
That by putting my feelings, my emotions and my thoughts
Down on paper was not only liberating and cathartic but it gave me
Great solace and a venue for expressing
What I was experiencing in my life.

And now I’m in my late 60’s looking for more,
More what you may ask that I cannot ignore,
More money, more time with which to explore,
All the projects and hobbies that I will make soar.